Discover what our customers have to say about DXI!
All quotes are used with permission from real customer calls and emails.


“I received it back, put it on the track and was very, very satisfied. I had thought it would never run as good as it does now”. 


“I received my order last Monday and today I was able to go to the layout I use and run them. FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much! 
I am so happy to have found your services and I look forward to doing additional business. I have already selected what I want to send. 

It’s so easy and nice that the pricing is the same, so it’s almost completely dummy proof I am hoping!”

J. Harry Feldman | WILMINGTON, DE

 “Again … I’m very pleased with this install and your service. I’ve “fiddled” quite a bit with the Berkshire this weekend and am loving it!  At his request I’ll be taking this engine with me to Ohio so my bro-in-law can compare it to his Bachmann Sound Value version of the same. I suspect he’ll be blown away.”


“I’m quite happy that I chose DXI. The install was perfect and the price was right. The Keep Alive® was a nice detail that really improved the performance of my engine and I wouldn’t have thought to include that myself. A big thanks to Ken and the DXI crew!”

What We Can Do For You

Thinking about converting your DC fleet to DCC? Dreading a tough installation job? Looking for a professional installer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

We take great care in performing well-designed, tidy installations that are built to last. We plan the install out first to make sure we get it right the first time. All of our soldering work is precise and the wiring is bundled with lacing cord to lengthen the life of the installation. We use TCS WOWSound decoders for our sound installations because they provide the best sound – hands down. You get all of this – the full WOWSound kit installation with Keep Alive® and all DXI labor – for one flat rate.

High-Quality Installs

To ensure a high-quality install, we only use the best sound decoders. That’s why we exclusively install WOWSound products from Train Control Systems.

One Flat Rate

We make it easy for you. You get a WOWSound Decoder, Motherboard, Keep Alive®, all the original lights, speaker and enclosure all installed into your locomotive for one flat rate, regardless of model or installation difficulty.

Free Return Shipping

You ship the locomotive to us, and we provide free return shipping to get your locomotive delivered straight to your door!