Show Special: Amherst 2019 Installation Deal

$165.00 $145.00


We are offering a special show price for those attending the 2019 Amherst Railway Society show in Springfield, MA. If you plan to attend the show and have some locomotives that are in need of WOWSound, this is your chance to save big!

How it works: Purchase this deal before the show to secure the special show price. Then bring your locomotive with you and drop it off at the DXI booth (BLC 63, Table C). We’ll take it back to the DXI shop and perform a high-quality WOWSound installation on your locomotive that includes parts, labor, and return shipping – all for the flat rate price of $145!


What’s included:

    • Labor for installation
    • 1x WOWSound Decoder (WOW101 or WOW121 as appropriate)
    • 1x WOW Motherboard (if WOW121 is used)
    • 1x Keep Alive®
    • 1x Speaker Kit including speaker wires
    • FREE return shipping!


Please note: All submissions will be reviewed by a qualified installer. In the event that the locomotive installation cannot be performed, your engine will be returned, the cost refunded less return shipping, and you will receive a 5% off coupon to use towards your next qualified installation.


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