Frequently-Asked Questions about DXI

Do you sell locomotives with WOWSound already installed?
Yes, we sell brand new locomotives with WOWSound installed. They are new, old stock locomotives. Click here to browse our selection.
How long does it take to get my locomotive completed?

Locomotive installs are completed in the order they are received and install time varies with the amount of orders received. We strive to complete the installations as timely as possible within our model of a top quality install at a price affordable to our market. You will receive email updates, each step of the way, so you can keep track of your order.

You will be notified by email when:

  1. You place your order.
  2. We receive your package.
  3. We are working on your installation.
  4. When your install is complete.
  5. When we have shipped your locomotive. We will include a tracking number for your shipment.
What if my locomotive is not on your website?

We will perform a WOWSound installation on any HO scale locomotive. If you have an engine that is not yet included on our website, you can add the Standard DXI Installation item to your cart. Feel free to email to discuss custom installations before placing an order.

Do You Perform installations on Brass Locomotives?

Yes, we perform installations on brass locomotives. Please make sure your locomotive is in good mechanical and electrical working order before sending to DXI. As our specialty is installing WOWSound kits, we are not equipped to do mechanical or troublehooting work

Why do you install Keep Alive® Devices in every installation?

Keep Alive® devices are an essential addition to any sound decoder installation. They keep current flowing over dirty or faulty track so that your locomotive sound is not interrupted. Nothing’s more annoying than having your sound continuously cut out and re-start when you’re trying to operate!

We include a KA device in every install as part of the flat rate!

Price &


What is included in the price?

All parts, labor, programming, one year warranty on parts (TCS) and labor (DXI) as well as return shipping are all including in the flat rate installation. You will have a WOWSound decoder, motherboard, Keep Alive®, lighting, speaker, speaker enclosure installed and tested in your locomotive all neatly and professionally installed. 

How do I place an order?

Place an order by selecting “standard installation” or select from our documented installations then click ‘Add to cart’ and follow the check out procedures. It’s easy!
Due to our dedication to providing the best service to you, we do not typically take orders via phone.

What payment options are accepted?

We only accept payment using credit cards. All major credit cards are accepted.
Credit card and billing info will be requested at checkout.
We do not accept payment in the form of cash, checks, or money orders.

How should I send my engine?

If possible, please use the original box, as well as a second box that is well insulated with packing materials to ensure the safety of your locomotive. We do our absolute best to ship them back to you securely.

All orders can be mailed (USPS prefered) or shipped via UPS or Fedex to the address specified on your order confirmation page and in the order confirmation email. Please do not send them “Signature Required,” we are not always available to sign and your order may be returned by the delivery service to you. We use a secure lockbox on site so your locomotives remain safe when delivered.

While we take the utmost care in the handling and shipping of your locomotive, we cannot be responsible or liable for lost or damaged parts while in for an installation. We receive many fragile and details models in various condition which often require considerable manipulation and disassembly in order to do the installation. If yours has small, loose or fragile parts and pieces and this is a concern for you, kindly PLEASE remove them prior to sending them in, especially handrails, which when painted will chip or crack if they are difficult to remove or are glued in place.  

Do you pay for shipping both ways?

We do not pay for shipping to send the engine in to us, but we do provide FREE return shipping! We use the USPS and priority insure each lomotive we send out for $200.00.

Do you connect the lights?

Yes, connecting all the original lighting is included in the flat rate service*  We will provide and connect additional lights or LEDs (if needed for the installation) as an add-on service billed separately. If lenses are in place in the shell, we can install custom LED or bulbs lighting option. Inquire for this service. We cannot alter the exterior of the shell for lighting placement.

If your loco has front or rear ditch lights, we connect them and program them as operational blinking lights. If your loco has front and rear headlights we connect and program them for directional operation. If your loco has separate number board lights we connect and program them as a separate function.

*If the original lighting is compatible with the motherboard that goes with your install. On other than Atearn, Genesis or RTR models, most (12v or under) bulbs will not be compatible with your new WOWSound kit and will need an ‘add on’ for a LED installation.

Do you use the original 1.5volt bulbs for Athearn Locomotive installations?

Yes, WOW sound motherboards have onboard 1.5volt regulated power supplies to easily and cleanly accommodate original Athearn 1.5volt lighting bulbs.

Do you replace bulbs with LED's?

Most the time we will replace 12volt bulbs with LEDs as needed to be compatible with the TCS WOWSound kit. This is decided by us at time of installation on a loco by loco basis and will incur a $10.00 per bulb add on charge. An exception to this is Athearn — see above ‘Connect the Lights’.  

Do you offer custom lighting options?

Yes! We now offer many custom lighting options for your locomotives as add-on services. See ‘Connect the Lights’ above

Do you do steam decoder installations?

Yes, we install WOWsound using TCS WOWkits for all steam models, providing there is physical space for the needed components.

Do you do N scale or large scale sound decoder installations?

As a general rule, we stick to performing installations on HO scale locomotives. We have made some N scale and O scale exceptions in the past – please contact Ken to discuss options. 

Do you do non-sound decoder installations?

Yes! We now offer non-sound HO scale installations for all HO scale locomotives.

Still have questions?

Just ask.

For any other questions, please email us at or call us at (267) 680-4298.