Welcome to DCC Xpress Installations. Our goal is to give you an engine with the best sound and functionality of any DCC decoder on the market. To ensure a high-quality install, we only use the best sound decoders – which is why we exclusively install WOWSound from Train Control Systems (TCS).

We make it easy for you. Just send us your engine. You provide shipping to us, and we will provide free return shipping!

For one flat price of $165.00 we will install a WOWSound Decoder, Motherboard, and Keep Alive® into your engine along with a speaker and custom speaker enclosure as well. We will re-connect all of the original lights as part of the installation, but we offer many custom lighting options as well – feel free to ask!

We include a TCS Keep Alive® device with every installation to ensure smooth, trouble-free performance from the moment you receive your locomotive back from us.  We will also clean and service it while it’s in our shop at no additional charge. We stand by the quality of our installs and make every effort to return our locomotive to you “better than we found it.”

Meet Ken Knott

Ken Knott spent much of his life working as a commercial and editorial photographer. He brings the same sharp eye and attention to detail from photography to bear on his installation work. Originally from the other side of the Delaware River in NJ, he now calls the pastoral countryside of Pennsylvania his home and performs DXI installations from his workshop in Perkiomenville, PA.

In his free time, you’ll find him tackling DIY projects ranging from restoring antiques to tending a growing collection of bonsai trees, taking care of his goats, and dreaming of the perfect sailboat.

Meet Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen is a retired truck driver and propane industry tech person and life long model railroader. He is now full time enjoying model railroading and doing installation work for DXI. In the past, Bob has installed many hundreds of DCC sound and non sound decoders.

Currently he works from the DXI Connecticut franchise workshop. His specialty is P2K installations that may require milling of the frame.