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High quality sound decoder installations for one flat rate.
About DXI

High Quality Installs

To ensure a high quality install, we only use the best sound decoders. That’s why we exclusively install WOWSound products from Train Control Systems.

One Flat Rate

We make it easy for you. You send us your engine and for one flat price of $165.00 you will have a WOWSound Decoder, Motherboard, Keep Alive®, all the original lights, speaker and enclosure all installed into your locomotive.

Free Return Shipping

You ship the locomotive to us, and we provide free return shipping to get your locomotive delivered straight to your door!

About DXI

Our Work

Take a quick peek under the hood at past DXI installations.

Now selling new locomotives with WOWSound!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now selling new locomotives that are equipped with WOWSound. These locomotives are new, old stock that have been outfitted with WOWSound from Train Control Systems.