Order Process

How does the ordering process work?

  1. Make sure that we can do an installation for your locomotive by browsing our Installations.
  2. Add the desired locomotive installs to your cart, and click “View Cart” when done.
  3. Review your order and click “Proceed to Checkout.” Then, fill out your address and payment details, along with your email and place the order.
  4. You’ll get an email that contains a order confirmation, and in that an address to ship the locomotive to.
  5. Carefully pack your locomotive, and ship it to the address listed in the order confirmation email.
  6. Once we receive it and install WOWSound in your locomotive, we’ll ship it back to you for free!

Please note, it is recommended that you remove the handrails, horns, or other loose or fragile external parts from your locomotive prior to shipping it to us. This ensures that external parts don’t get damaged during transport. Although we take the utmost care in the handling and shipping of your locomotive, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged parts while in for an installation. If a locomotive arrives with any damage present, we will document it.