Do you sell locomotives with WOWSound already installed?

Yes, we sell brand new locomotives with WOWSound installed. They are new, old stock locomotives. Click here to browse our selection.

How long does it take to get my locomotive completed?

We service the locomotives in the order that we receive them. Typically, the average turnaround time is one week. You will receive email updates along the way so you can keep track of your order.

You will be notified by email when:

  1. You place your order.
  2. We receive your package.
  3. We are working on your installation.
  4. When we have shipped your locomotive. We will give you a tracking number.
What if my locomotive is not on your website?

We will perform a WOWSound installation on any non-brass, HO scale locomotive for a flat rate of $165. If you have an engine that is not yet included on our website, email main@dccxpressinstallations.com to arrange an installation.

Price &


What is included in the price?

Parts, labor, and return shipping are all including in the $165 cost. You will have a WOWSound decoder, motherboard, Keep Alive®, lighting, speaker, speaker enclosure installed and tested in your locomotive all neatly and professionally installed. We use lacing cord in our installations to neatly bundle and harness all wires making a top notch installation!

How do I place an order?

Place an order by selecting an item on our website and choose “Add to cart.”
Due to our dedication to providing the best service to you, we will not be taking orders via phone.

What payment options are accepted?

We only accept payment using credit cards. All major credit cards are accepted.
Credit card and billing info will be requested at checkout.
We do not accept payment in the form of cash, checks, or money orders.


How should I send my engine?

If possible, please use the original box, as well as a second box that is well insulated with packing materials to ensure the safety of your locomotive.

All orders can be mailed (USPS) or shipped via UPS or Fedex to the address specified on your order confirmation page and in the order confirmation email.

Please note, it is recommended that you remove the handrails, horns, or other loose or fragile external parts from your locomotive prior to shipping it to us. This ensures that external parts don’t get damaged during transport. Although we take the utmost care in the handling and shipping of your locomotive, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged parts while in for an installation. If a locomotive arrives with any damage present, we will document it.

Do you pay for shipping both ways?

We do not pay for shipping to send the engine to us, but we do provide FREE return shipping!


Do you connect the lights?

Yes, we connect all the original lighting in the flat rate $165.00 service.

If your loco has front or rear Ditch Lights we connect them and make them operational blinking lights.

If your loco has front and rear headlights we connect them.

If your loco has number board lights we connect them.

If it was there from original we connect and power all the original lighting as part of the included installation.

Do you use the original 1.5volt bulbs for Athearn Locomotive installations?

Yes, WOW sound motherboards have onboard 1.5volt regulated power supplies to easily and cleanly accommodate original Athearn 1.5volt lighting bulbs.

Do you replace bulbs with LED's?

Sometimes, depending on the loco. Most the time we do replace 12volt bulbs with LED’s. This is decided by us at time of installation on a loco by loco basis. Exception to this is Athearn — see above.

Do you offer custom lighting options?

Yes! We now offer many custom lighting options for your locomotives as add-on services.


Do you do steam decoder installations?

Yes, we install WOWsound using TCS WOWkits for steam. There are various Bachmann and P2K locos in that list. However, we do not do Brass loco’s.

Do you do N scale or large scale sound decoder installations?

No, not presently. We only do HO scale sound installations where there is a WOWkit available, as well as non-sound HO scale installations.

Do you do non-sound decoder installations?

Yes! We now offer non-sound HO scale installations for all HO scale locomotives.

Still have questions?

Get in touch!

For any other questions, please email us at main@dccxpressinstallations.com or call us at (267) 680-4298.