Welcome to DCC Xpress Installations. Our goal is to give you an engine with the best sound and functionality of any DCC decoder on the market. To ensure a high quality install, we only use the best sound decoders. That’s why we exclusively install WOWSound from Train Control Systems.

We make it easy for you.

You send us your engine and for one flat price of $165.00 you will have a WOWSound Decoder, Motherboard, Keep Alive®, all the original lights, speaker and enclosure all installed into your locomotive. You provide shipping to us, and we will provide free return shipping!

Meet Bob Jensen

Bob Jensen is a retired truck driver and propane industry tech person and life long model railroader. He is now full time enjoying model railroading and doing installation work for DXI. In the past, Bob has installed many hundreds of DCC sound and non sound decoders.

Currently he works from the DXI Connecticut franchise workshop. His specialty is P2K installations that may require milling of the frame.